Le Fix coffee and pastry shop, with its bright wooden décor, potted plants and big red coffee machine conveys an immediately cozy sensation. Its clients can be found quietly working on their laptops while enjoying a fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie and some coffee, chatting in front of a steaming cup of tea and a chocolate fondant, or buying local products to savour at home. The cafe’ also includes outdoor seating to enjoy the Geneva landscape and a takeaway service.

The shop, formerly offering its services from a mobile scooter at various Geneva markets, has now settled down from August 2014 in Avenue de France 17, and is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30-17:00. Guillaume Chabry, a professional pastry maker, is the pleasant young owner, whom, thanks to the links he has created with producers around the region while he was “itinerant”, is able to supply his customers with local, top quality products.


Examples are the 5 varieties of coffee used at Le Fix which are 100% locally roasted in Bex, or his “tuiles”: tile-shaped cookies with double cream produced in Gruyere, cupcakes with fruits from Geneva and home-made pastries, regional wine, honey, salads, sandwiches, quiches, juices and soups with fruits and vegetables from the market, and more. The coffee shop also sells local packaged items like biological pasta, jam, wholemeal flour, biscuits and much more. The smallest details such as the sugar in packets which accompany the coffee are also Swiss and therefore local. In fact, keeping products artisanal and in the proximity means they better maintain their taste and freshness, Guillaume suggests.

A local, sustainable food system is also known to have many environmental conservation benefits. The distance food travels is of environmental concern, accounting for 11% of the food system’s greenhouse gas emissions: the average food item travels 1500 miles compared to the average locally produced item that travels only 56 miles. A reduction of food miles also reduces the impact that rising fuel costs have on food prices. Food production, including inputs such as farm machinery, fertilizers and pesticides, is by far the most energy-intensive component of the food system, but sustainable farming practices could reduce that footprint.

It is no wonder then, that with such a mission of offering local and regional products, sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables etc. Le Fix is an obvious partner business for My Drop in the Oceans . Aiming to foster eco-friendly client behaviour, in harmony with the owner’s environmental beliefs and standards, the cafe will take part in the MyDIO platform, allowing 5% of its product costs to be paid in the alternative currency “Drops in the Oceans” (DIO) and thereby giving value back to nature.

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