In a stunning event at the Bâtiment Des Forces Motrices on the 25th September state representatives, global environmental efforts and the fashion industry came together with over 500 Geneva citizens to celebrate the launch of Le Tri C’est Chic, a campaign to encourage and reward Geneva citizens in their efforts to recycle.

This year the Canton of Geneva partnered with the Recycleurs de Geneve and My Drop In The Oceans to offer Geneva citizens not only a choice of several models of sakatri fashioned after luxury brands but also the equilvalent of 45CHF in the new complimentary currency DIO (Drops In the Ocean) aimed at rewarding the current household waste recycling rate of 45%. Citizens were invited to redeem DIO for up to 5% of their purchases with partner retailers.

David French, the president of My Drop In the Oceans, in a speech following the conseiller d’Etat, Luc Barthassat and Jean-Paul Humair, president of Recycleurs de Genève, applauded the state lead initiative especially for its creative approach and the spirit of collaboration. After the formal introductions a fashion show was launched and models paraded around in clothing designed exclusively with recycled materials by HEAD (the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) de Geneve before drinks were poured, Sakatri distributed and photobooths populated.

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